Wednesday, February 6, 2013

XOXO blocks

Posted by Paulette

Sometimes you just gotta make something! I had some 2X4 leftover pieces from revamping the swing just sitting in the garage. 
Of course, being a chronic crafter, I have all kinds of crafting stuff tucked away. So this project cost me nothing to do.

They are in the girl's bedroom. 

Sorry about the fuzzy cell phone pics.
These were made by applying a light wash of black paint all over the block, and then sanding the front edges.
Then I measured the blocks and made the paper cut outs 1/2 an inch smaller all around. Then, using my finger dipped in the watered down paint, I used them like a distressing ink pad, around the edges of the scrapbook paper.  
The paper was then sprayed with adhesive and applied to the blocks. 

The letters were conceived in a similar fashion. After cutting out  a piece of scrap paper to the correct size, I drew the letters how I wanted them, and then cut them out and traced around the paper. The letter inside was free hand painted using a script liner. You can color the back of the scrap paper to create a graphite transfer, if you don't want to free hand it.
When the paint was dry, I used Mod Podge over the the front of the block. When it was mostly dry, I added the hearts and smooshed some more Mod Podge on them. the just tied on the ribbon. 

An easy cheap project!
Here's some of the other decor in the girl's room.

  Some day I will repaint that head board. So many projects, so little time! Sophia helped me make the heart pillow. I let her stuff it.

 The wall hanging took way longer than I thought it would! It's made using the leftover hardware cloth, and then using 4 inch by 1.5 inch strips of fabric, I filled it in like a rug. 

I am now making and stashing away stuff for decorating for the summer.

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