Friday, January 18, 2013

A Simple Solution For a Common Problem

Posted by Paulette

For some reason, the inside of a refrigerator or freezer is the first to show wear and tear. The plastic become brittle and breaks. What do you do? I picked the brain of an appliance repair man one day, and he and I came up with this solution to the missing shelf fronts on my freezer door.

Those "baskets" are only fronts that have been stapled into the door with my staple gun. Mr appliance guy said that a few tiny holes wouldn't interfere with the performance of my freezer and suggested that I just screw the shelf brackets back in. I told him that they were long gone, and the brain stormed this idea instead.

All it took was some hardware mesh cloth, which you can find in the garden center of any home improvement center. It comes in rolls. You can cut it with wire cutters. That's exactly what I did. I measured out how much I would need and then added some to the top and bottom for "hems" and some to the sides for wrap around. And then...
 Stapled it to the sides and bottom of the freezer door. The shelves still have some movement to them, which makes putting stuff in and taking it out easier.

Have you found an uncommon solution to a common problem?

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