Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine Wreath

Posted by Paulette

 I admit it. I'm a copy cat. I searched for some inspiration for making a valentine wreath, and found a beautiful one on Etsy, here.
(So if you want to buy one, you know where to go.)
I repurposed a wreath from the thrift store (where else?), and used clearance berries from Christmas. I really like these because they look frosty.
The frosty bits of grassy stuff are also from Christmas clearance. They were originally a branch of pine. I just snipped off the needles. 
   The original had linen and burlap rag roses, Mine are muslin and some miscellaneous re fabric I found. 

 And the heart. I found this for a quarter at a thrft store and repainted it. I love red and white mattress ticking. It's all over the place in my house, and I've almost used up the stuff I got long ago.

This wreath is just the right amount of Valentine with a hint of winter frost, which I am so glad we are done with for the year! 

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  1. I like your wreath better than the original. Yours is so much more cheerful. I particularly like the heart embellishment. Very charming!