Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Mantel in Aqua and Pink

Posted by Paulette

I decided to do an unconventional mantel for Valentine's Day this year. I love turquoise/ aqua, and how often do I get to put it together with pink?

For the most part, I just collected things that I already had around the house from years past. The new stuff on this mantel are the gate, which was made in two days from some scrap plywood. It's crooked! I don't mind. It's all part of the character. The "LOVE" sign, which I got from Hobby Lobby was on sale of course, and the heart box are also new.

 It's a paper mache` box that I spray painted in oil rubbed bronze, and then dry brushed white craft paint over. The lid is in two parts. Th insert under the lacy part was left bronze. Then I hot glued a key hole from Tim Holtz to the side of the box. The keys hang from the lantern.

I really wish I was able to get better quality pictures of this, and some of the close ups turned out really well. I'm still working on using my phone until I buy a new camera.
After I took these pictures, I took some leftover paper from the banner and cut out little hearts and overturned the little pitcher on the left and made it look as if they are spilling out of it.

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