Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joy & Success

Posted by Paulette

I love the open clean feeling my house has after putting away the Christmas decorations. 

I'm not ready to fill all the spaces yet. I'll be taking my time. I love my mantel chalkboard for the fresh clean feel of it. So I decided to leave it up and rewrite the quote on it. While looking for some seasonal quotes about winter, I found that they were all negative, so I turned to a word that popped into my head and searched for that instead. My word was "success."

 I had not anticipated that the word JOY would become the focal point. I think it's a good word for starting the year. I've been surrounded by so much sadness in the past few months.

I've always wanted some rosemary bushes. I'd planted some at our old house in New Mexico, and they've thrived in that mountain desert weather. but they always die here. I guess it's just too dang HOT in Arizona.
I'm trying them on my mantel. I've been snipping a little here and there for use in my cooking. Originally I wanted to plant them into some pretty urns, but when I couldn't find any, I settled on something I already had, some galvanized florist's buckets. I love how they look, and have abandoned my search for urns in my price range for now.   

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