Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday Addams cloth doll

Posted by, Paulette

This isn't the first time I've made this doll. I was struggling to make a doll for a friend and had a time limit that was coming up when I had to send her out for s craft swap. My attempts at using Super Sculpey, and paper clay were failures, and so I made this doll as a last ditch effort at getting SOMETHING done. She LOVED the doll. And then I had requests to make it into a pattern. I've sold several patterns since then, but had yet to make another doll.
Until 3 weeks ago, when a client inadvertently bought the pattern thinking that it was the doll. Through several e-mails, we agreed that I would make the doll for her and roll in the price of the pattern. And so, another Wednesday Addams doll was made.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

True Beauty

Posted by, Paulette

Last week, I decided to go clothes shopping. Since gaining weight, my clothes are too tight and it makes me feel discouraged to wear them and see the obvious signs of weight gain. I just wasn't feeling pretty anymore. After speaking with a good friend, she convinced me to go shopping. And so we did
 As we left one of the stores, she told me that she felt like the sales ladies would have been more helpful and friendly, if she was dressed up, with her makeup on. She was angry that the world expects this of us. I guess maybe just women? 
 I put on one of my new outfits and went to the temple with my one and only. We decided to do sealings, which is an ordinance that is done by proxy for those who have passed on. It binds families to one another through the eternities. 

 As I looked around the room at all of the people dressed in white, I was impressed that everyone looked so beautiful. Regardless of how much money someone makes, or how old or young they are, everyone in the temple radiates beauty. We are discouraged from wearing jewelry, unless it's small pearl earrings, or other such small adornments. Certainly nothing like the arm full of colorful bracelets, chunky turquoise necklace and dangly earrings I wore. I left all of that in my locker. One of the phrases that seemed to stand out, was "clothed with immortality and Eternal lives."  We all will be beautiful after the resurrection!  
I pondered this for the day, and came up with this. Satan is the father of all lies, and natural man is the enemy of God. Meaning that as our carnal selves, we are in opposition to God's teachings.
 So what if, we know that through the grace and atonement of Jesus Christ, we all will be glorious and beautiful someday? What if Satan knows this and is providing a counterfeit? That would mean that we are searching for that beauty in people and ourselves, but it's counterfeit. If we spend more time in the service of our Heavenly Father and less time searching for that perfect beauty, we will achieve it. Isn't that a beautiful concept? That's what Jesus meant when he said that he who loses himself will find himself.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Belletrix Lestrange cloth doll

Posted by, Paulette

Being an artist means that you never know when you will be able to sell your work. Sometimes this is discouraging as you continue to put out pieces of art and then other times it's great when you get so many orders that you're finding time to fill all of them. The order for this doll came at such a time. I leave for a vacation to Florida in a week and I get an order for 4 dolls. crazy, huh?
 When I got the order for this one, I wanted to do a happy dance. My decorating style isn't Gothic or dark, but I enjoy making such things for people who like them. I guess it's my other side!

 Meet Belatrix Lestrange! She is a fully cloth doll with needle sculpting, colored pencil and acrylic paint detailing. She has acrylic yarn for hair, and drinking straw fingernails. I got to use three different "leathers", two for her under bust corset and one for her boots. Her jewelry is made from Super Sculpey and then painted. Her wand is also made from Sculpey that has been painted.

 The scroll work on her dress is hand painted.
 Bellatrix is already sold. 

Next dolls on the list to make:
Albus Dumbledore
Mrs. Weasley
Wednesday Addams