Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Convinced About Carpet to Concrete

I have been obsessing over my dirty carpet for too long. I love the look of tile and laminate, but alas, those options are not in the budget these days. After looking through some pictures and reading up on the DIYs, I'm ready to jump in with both feet. As soon as possible. Take a look at these gorgeous examples.
stained with hand painted detail

Painted and stenciled

stained and sealed
Tearing out the carpet that has the honey stain that collects dirt even after the carpets have been professionally cleaned will be so liberating! I won't have to worry when the kids spill chocolate milk, or orange juice concentrate, both of which happened yesterday. Yesterday was BAD people! I cleaned mustard art off of the patio table, peanut butter off the picture windows, and the the a fore mentioned orange juice concentrate off the carpet. I have yet to get to the chocolate milk and yogurt on the carpet. *SIGH!* having five kids means vigilance! And I'm just too tired to be vigilant all of the time. I want a floor that wipes up in minutes. I think I've found my answer. Now, I just need someone to come over and move the furniture!


  1. These floors look so nice! However, I think the cold Canadian winters wouldn't be very compatible with them...unless you could do heated flooring with concrete?

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  2. Those are nice floors. But I think carpets are still safer if your kids are very young and have the tendency to bump their heads of fell-off the floor when they’re playing. Yes, it’s painstaking to clean them from time to time, but it’s a must to consider the children’s safety first.

    Lyda Tavorn