Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Looking at things in a different way

Have you noticed the new trend to put things under glass? I loved this idea when I saw it in my PB catalog. I think I saw it in Country Living Magazine too. Do it yourselfers are buying cheese domes and plates to make miniature greenhouses, and display other pretties. While at Goodwill last week, I picked up a goldfish bowl, a pedestal, and a candy jar with a lid. The candy jar went into the trash, the lid got glued to the bottom of the goldfish bowl with superglue, and the upside down bowl went over the top of a vignette that was created using a favorite snap shot of my three boys in a giant bird cage, and a birdcage votive holder filled with white river rock. I've been looking for the perfect table scape for on top of my dresser. I LOVE it! And I can change it out for other things when I get tired of it. You can do the same thing with a glass vase and a wood plaque. Or, use the idea that other bloggers have and pick up a cheese dome. When you go shopping at thrift stores, pick things up. Look at them upside down, an sideways. How would it look with a coat of white spray paint and distressed? Can it be easily fixed and reused as something else? 

I passed a blanket chest sitting on the side of the road with other trash, before i stopped and took a real look at it. It was filled with scrap lumber and the lid was on it's side. It sure looked like a piece of trash from the side of the road, but when I got it home (I asked permission first) and cleaned it up a bit, it was just the shabby chic piece of furniture that I needed to store my linens in and create a window seat. 

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