Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a start

I have some great plans for redoing most of the furniture in my living room. This is just a start of it all. I'd love to finish everything in one weekend, but then what would I do with my time? Besides, stretching out the projects will be better on the budget, right? I found a set of these sturdy looking end tables at a thrift store a couple of years ago. One of them had been sanded and looked like someone had abandoned a refinishing project. I got both tables for $30.

Lovely scratched up top

I oiled them and they would look good for a week, and then they would go back to their dull finish. One of the tables now sits in my garage in pieces. I don't know if I can fix it or re-purpose the parts, but I decided that this one needed a makeover.  

Three coats of Antique white paint, distressed with sandpaper and then glazed in all of the crevasses, gave it a new dress to wear. 

A trip to Hobby Lobby (or happy Land as I call it) and it had some new jewelry to wear. This knob only cost me $2 because they were on sale. Gotta love those Hobby Lobby sales. I was so distracted. I feel like I need to have blinders on, so that I'll only buy what I walked in for. I did almost as well. I took my handsome hubby, who wasn't all that happy about the detour on date night, but when I get a bee in my bonnet, I've got to finish what ever project I'm obsessing over!

Furniture Jewelry from Hobby Lobby

The whole project was very inexpensive to do. I spent about $18 on a gallon of paint, $2 on the knob, $1 for sponge brushes (to apply glaze), and $3 for a small bottle of antiquing glaze. I used so little of it, I'm sure it will last a loooong time. Now, on to the next project.


  1. Love the new dress! It's always amazing what a little paint can do :)

  2. Great job! I agree that paint does work wonders. I just painted my end table and coffee table white as well. So much better! Found you thru Miss Mustard Seed!

    The Late, Young Family