Friday, February 18, 2011

If I'd known it was going to be this cheap I would have done it years ago!

Do you have monkey bars in your bathroom? You may. It's called a towel bar, and my kids think it's a monkey bar to hang on. And with 5 monkeys in the house, it didn't stay looking very nice for very long. I've been admiring crystal towel hangers for a long time and loved the old timey look. I just didn't think that it was in my price range because crystal hangers are expensive, right? WRONG! While at hobby Lobby one day, I was looking at their huge selection of drawer pulls. They happened to be on sale that day, which meant they were only about $1.50 each. Okay. Now what? A quick jaunt over to the woods section found me little plaques. They were 2 for $1. Wow! This is going to be cheap. For About $5.50 I was able to have three hangers! Cheaper than a new towel bar. So, this is how I did it. First find some wall anchors that fit the screw end of your drawer pulls. Next drill a hole in the wall (after you've measured where its supposed to go, right?), and pound in your wall anchor. Next drill a hole in the center of your plaque. Paint and distress your plaques, and then slowly screw the drawer pull into the plaque until you start to see the end emerge. Now, line that up with the anchor on the wall, and while holding the plaque flush with the wall, screw the drawer pull all the way in. You may want to give the plaque a few turns to get it flush with the wall. That's it. easy, huh? 

Here's another cute solution to the boring towel rings available. Mine is a plant pot hanger...upside down.

Today I'm working on a Ballard designs knock off. I'm taking lots of pictures along the way. I can't wait to show it off!

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