Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost Passed Up This Treasure

Posted by Paulette

My favorite time to go thrifting is the Saturday after payday. Besides the obvious reason of having money to spend, it's also half price Saturday at our local Goodwills.
My favorite person to go with, has the same taste in decor as I do. She found this lovely addition to my living room. When Clarissa showed it to me, I couldn't see past the country kitchyness until she told me what she would do with it.

   I love the board and batten look, but I haven't decided to spend the time on money on it. But this cutie gives me the same kind of feel. The larger frame had wooden cutouts hanging from jute t wine across the whole thing. I'm not sure what the original owner was thinking. Maybe decorating for every season at once? Again, this post would have benefited from a before picture. We pulled all that stuff and re-donated it, right there on the spot.

The smaller frames inside are just cheapy frames from Ikea and Wal-mart that I painted and glazed. Originally I tried hanging them from the wall in the traditional fashion. But when they got crooked, they'd drive me crazy. So they are stuck to the wall with poster tack. It's a silly puddy kind of stuff.  The thingy (yes that is a word) at the top is from Hobby Lobby. 

It satisfied my need for some decor in that space, whithout being too in your face. I've put a few things there over the years and they were just off.

And to think. I almost passed it by. Thanks to a friend with a great eye and imagination,  I brought it home with me.


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