Friday, January 4, 2013

Joseph Had A Little Overcoat Cloth Doll

Posted by Paulette

I was so pleased to get a request from a client to make her a doll. She'll be using him to tell the story as she reads a book.

She bought some of the fabrics and sent them to me, making this a relatively easy commission to complete.
If you don't know the story it goes a little something like this:
(Please forgive my retelling of the story. The book is much better.)

Joseph had a little overcoat

It became too shabby to wear and so he made a jacket out of it.

It became too worn out, so he made a vest out of it

It became threadbare and so he made a tie out of it

When the tie was too worn out, he made a handkerchief from it

Soon there was very little to work with. The handkerchief became too worn out and so he made a button from it


And that was that. There was nothing left

I love that this book teaches about thrift. Joseph was able to make new things from the old, but I had to make each individual piece.

Which used almost 1/2 a yard of a beautiful piece of wool fabric.
I sewed a large snap to attach the  tie, to make dressing and undressing Joseph faster.


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  1. Are you able to make a Joseph and Mary and the babe similar to this doll?