Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Only for Outside Use? Not Anymore!

Posted by Paulette

My old bath mat needed to be retired today. It was falling apart. As I walked through Target today, I was less than thrilled with the prices of bath rugs. The ones that I wanted were about $22. And they weren't anything special.

As I wandered over the outside rugs, my eyes fell upon a thick, pretty, jute, braided rug. It had a label that said for outside use only. "Why," I asked myself. I want to use it in the bathroom. I bought two for about $16 each, and when I got home and laid them on the slick tile in my bathroom, I realized that they would need some help, if I were to use them and be safe. 
I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about putting silicone on the back of rugs to make them non slip. I'm waiting for the silicone to dry.
 Did you ever notice what a strong smell that stuff has? What is it ammonia?  

I bought some fluffy new towels and wash cloths in....white. Am I crazy? Do I feel a bit guilty? A little bit. But the last time I bought new towels was last year for the other bathroom.

My bathroom is going to feel like a spa. Ahhhh.

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