Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a Sign...No Two

Posted by Paulette

When we moved into this house I fell in love with all othe beautiful arched door ways, and the columns in the front entry way. I was less enthused with the 80's Sante Fe Southwest vibe that was incorporated all throughout the house. The peach and aqua tile will be switch out for something more classic, in time. But for now little things can be done to transform the decor. 

There used to be a chili peppers ...now I love chili peppers in my cooking! Just not in my decor, so after living with it for almost 10  years, ( yikes has it really been that long?) it had to go.


I don't have one of those fancy schmancy die cut machines. Although my friend does, I couldn't wait to start and finish this project, so I just plugged along in my own way, using my printer. 

I started off with a chalk board background and then went to picmonkey.com to add the script. I couldn't get it large enough for my sign, so I had to fiddle around with my printer adjusting the size until it spit out what I needed. I used rubbed chalk on the back of the numbers to transfer them to my already painted board. 
Then I used a small flat and script liner brushes to paint in the numbers. Once that was dry the sign got two coats of polyurethane. 

If I'd thought ahead, I would have predrilled my holes before painting the sign, because I had to do some touch up work.

sign number Two:

Same process here. After I was done hanging it, I brought David, my wonderful husband, out to see it and asked him if it didn't look nice and friendly. He said,"sure. All we need now is a pretty door mat done in curly script that says GO AWAY!." Hahahahaha! I love that man. But at least it gets my point across. And the bread people are still selling at our door. I'm glad it didn't scare them off.

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