Monday, May 20, 2013

My First Illustrated Children's Book

Posted by Paulette
I must say that not having a camera has really slowed down my blog posts. My phone doesn't take very good pictures at all! Fortunately this post will be filled with scans, so we're okay there!

About six months ago my son, Hyrum, and I were given the opportunity to illustrate a children's book for an author in New Mexico. Hyrum, sadly backed out of the commitment, and so I took over. 
 Renay is still trying to decide if she wants to publicly publish the book. Originally it was made for her grandchildren.


 The story is about a calf who is left at home to watch over the apples which are ready for picking, while mommy cow goes to the market. While he is playing there are several visitors, one of which is a billy goat who doesn't listen to baby's pleas to not eat the apples that are meant for apple pies. Billy Goat returns later that evening to eat apple pie, and finds that there are no apples in his pie, because he was greedy and already ate his share.

I've already met with Renay. She was thrilled with the illustrations, and has plans for some more books, all with morals. 
I loved this project so much that I've started a book for my girls.But I'll tell you about that one when it's finished.

All of the drawings are done with Prismacolor colored pencils. Each illustration is 8.5" x 11" on copy paper and took about 10 hours to do.

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  1. You are so talented, Paulette! Beautiful, rich colors.