Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Independance Day Mantel and Wreath

Posted by Paulette

Preparations for my Independence Day mantel started early this year. It began when while shopping with my friend, I fell in love with a rustic sign at a furniture shop. I took a poor quality picture of it with my phone and then went to hunt for the perfect piece of wood to replicate it. 

That flag is special to our family. I purchased it on 9/11. We flew it every day for a year, and it had to be repaired several times. You can see where I hand sewed the hem and tried to match the original color of thread.
 Then, a trip to our local scrapbook store with my wonderful husband, produced the makings of a Liberty Banner. He was so good at picking out trims! We went with a Betsy Ross theme with the tea stained trims of ruffles and measuring tape.

My generous friend let me use her blue glitter for it. We don't talk about how I accidentally spilled half of the bottle into her garden. Shhh!

Hanging on our front door is a wreath I kinda knocked off from one I'd seen on Pinterest here. It's not an exact replica, but I'm kinda cheap that way. The original on Etsy goes for $109. Mine cost about $10 to make. Less, actually, since I still have some of the burlap left. I used some distress ink on the flag. Tea stain or watered down paint probably would have worked better.


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