Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun with Fall Flowers

Posted by: Paulette

All of the Fall decorations were dug out about a week ago and I've been adding a little something about every other day. I just can't stop! I love the fiery colors of the fall leaves. 

This wreath, which hangs on the front door, was made from a hand full of thrift store flowers and a $3 thrift store (ugly) wreath, that I pulled apart and flipped around to avoid showing all of the hot glue. The stems are just tucked into the grapevine and can be changed out for a different season. I didn't want the hanger to take away from the natural beauty of the flowers, so I just used a length of brown grograin ribbon.

This wreath was originally covered in faux lavender stems. I've loved it for years, but it was beyond dusty, and used to hang in the kid's bathroom where I recently painted a mural on the wall. So, rather than send it off to the thrift store, I gave it a makeover. The entire form was covered in sheet moss, and then I began wiring and gluing stems into it. Some of the leaves are actually gold glitter leaf skeletons that I found at Joann Fabrics.Then after a good cleaning, some of the lavender stems were used.

Can you believe that those black things are the doors to my entertainment center? The boys hung on them so many times that they ended up in the garage leaning against the wall for a couple of years. They are no longer strong enough to hang from the hinges, but a little wood glue and some paint and they make a great back drop on the mantle for Fall. I re hinged them in the center so that they can be folded up and stored when not in use. I opted to paint them in chalk board paint, so that I can use them as a chalk board later. 
Now. About that wreath! David bought me that wreath our second Christmas together. It was just a plain grapevine wreath with a few vines of ivy and some other kind of embellishment that was removed long ago. He told me he bought the plainest one they had, so that I could dress it up for any season. How smart is that? It's like a little black dress, right? 
That's exactly what I've done every year. It gets new accessories for each season. This time, I've wired it with 3 garlands of fall leaves, zig zagging across and around the wreath. A few red berries and some pine cones are thrown in. The hanger is a jute ribbon, that's hing on two tacks that were pushed through the back of the cabinet doors. 

Just one more. I promise. This arrangement was an after thought. I had a cheap foam pumpkin that the kids had punched holes into the top and the bottom of. Trash right? Nope. I took the remainder of the fall bouquet bought at the thrift store, some of the flowers pulled off of the ugly (before) wreath, and tucked them into one hole. The other hole is plugged with a flameless tea lite. When the light is turned on at night, the "vase" emits a soft glow.

That's all for now. Just wait until you see all of the pillow covers I've been making!

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