Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fraternal twin lamps

Posted by, Paulette

I have a new friend and we are like two peas from the same pod. We love the same things, which is a lot of fun. Unless you go thrifting and covet the stuff in each other's basket. I'm not saying this has happened, but it could! 
Last Saturday I spent the day doing what I love most, thrift store shopping and being with my Mom and my newest friend. We hit up 6 Goodwills! Can you believe it? This is some hardcore thrifting. It was half price Saturday, and we were on a mission to find the things on our lists. On my list was a desire to have two lamps to put on each side of my bed. The ones I had were so flimsy that they'd topple over when you turned them on or off.
The first lamp I found was this one:
I loved the lines, but not the color. I had visions of painting it white for a shabby chic look. This baby was only $3.50. And the wiring needed to be fixed and the whole thing tightened up. It was a bit wonky. See that plug? I think it's from the 60's. Gotta love a vintage lamp.

Lamp number two was $6. It's a newer model, and the wiring was fine on it.
It had the same feel as lamp number 1 and looked a bit more masculine. 
 When I got to the store and started buying the paint and shades, I realized that I would be happier with the contrast between the lighter shade and the dark lamps. So instead of the white paint, I picked up some Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The shades are $10 from Wal-mart. I added the muslin ruffles. It's just a simple strip of fabric that's been torn and then sewn end to end and ruffled up on my sewing machine with a straight stitch with the back thread pulled. Then it's hot glued to the shade. EASY!
See the foot? That's Sophi. She really wanted to be in that picture, baaad! 
That's an unphoto-shopped picture. I think I have a model in the making. She loves the camera and the camera loves her. 

So, what have you saved from a landfill lately? Any gorgeous redo's?

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