Friday, July 20, 2012

Living with Less

Posted by, Paulette

We've gone to Utah for the past two summers and stayed in a hotel for a week. When I return home, I think that it was amazing that a family of seven can live with so little. We've left most of our toys, food, books, clothes, etc at home and are still able to live comfortably.  
The things that I was missing the most were those little touches of beauty. On the second day there, my wonderful husband and two daughters stepped out and brought home some flowers from the Walmart across the street. They came home with two bouquets of flowers! I stuck them in glasses of water and then we went to Provo Deseret Industries for some pretty containers to put them in. The Provo DI trip has become a tradition on our vacations to Utah. 
The kids each got to pick out something. And I brought home a vintage stoneware creamer, a milk glass bud vase and a flower market bucket. 
 Seeing these touches of beauty, and being able to cook delicious meals for my family every night made me a happy momma. We lived in a very small space, and didn't have all the things that we'd left at home.
Look at these kids! They were happy.

I am happy to be back in my own home. And I love my stuff.
But it is nice to know that we can live on less. I am blessed that we don't have to.


  1. Wow, your kids have grown up so much in the short time since I have "met" you. What a good-looking family you have!

  2. Haha! Tell me about it! Their growth spurts have me scrambling to buy new clothes and shoes.