Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ernestine completed

Posted by: Paulette
Just a few more pictures of the new doll that I've just completed. I made her a coat and a pair of suede tennis shoes. That coat took 2 hours to make. I stopped counting the hours by the time I got to the shoes. I really do this kind of thing because I like to, not for the money. I don't think people would be willing to pay for all of the hours spent.
I am happy that children all over will be playing with this doll.
Jacket untied

Purple suede shoes

Bad exposure, I know, but best one for true color of clothing
For a little while I was fascinated with the world of "art dolls." They are great fun, but it's not fair to tell a child that they aren't allowed to touch something that looks like a toy. I still like making them, but they cost a lot more than the ones for children, and there aren't as many people who want them.
What's really fun about sewing is watching a flat piece of fabric become sculpted into a 3-D form. And then when I paint on the face and add the hair, the magic really happens. The doll "comes to life." And of course you can't let them stay naked! I have great memories of the wardrobe that I had for my My Friend Jenny doll. My Mom sewed it for me for Christmas, and I'd had no idea at the time how much time and how intricate doll clothes were to sew!


  1. So cute! You are super talented, Paulette. :)

  2. The jacket and shoes are darling! She's the best dressed doll ever! Thanks so much for sharing your process...

  3. Ernestine is lovely! You've done a great job on details. I also like to make cloth dolls when I have time, and it's a labor of love for sure! Happy stitching - - - -