Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frozen yogurt popsicles

Posted by Paulette
Sometimes I'll look at something someone has done and think,"that is so clever. Now why didn't I think of that?"
This time I did think of that! I was grocery shopping with my 9 year old son when he asked if we could buy some ice cream. I explained to him that we shouldn't be eating ice cream very often because it will make us fat and has a lot of sugar in it which isn't good for our bodies. And then I thought about how much I love sugar free frozen yogurt and my idea came to me. We could easily make our own!
I already had a ton of cartons of yogurt in my cart, and adding a handle and sticking them in the freezer was all that was needed, so we headed over to the aisle with the plastic cutlery and I grabbed a box of spoons.
 Step #1: Cut a slit into the top of your yogurt lids and insert a spoon
Step #2: Freeze over night and then peel back lid
Step #3: Warm outside of the container with hands or warm water and then pull out Popsicle.

Step #4: Enjoy!


  1. What a tasty idea, Paulette, and an easy-to-make treat for kids of all ages. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So simple.... yet so good :) I like that you don't need a mold to make these and there are countless flavors you can choose. So easy! Love it!