Thursday, June 16, 2011

A thrifted $3 antique light fixture

Posted by: Paulette
As long as I've lived in this house (8years) we've had this ugly lamp hanging in our front entry way. I've just ignored it up until now, but , I know how to change out light fixtures and so, I can change it!

Beyond ugly!
While shopping at a thrift store recently with a friend, I snagged a great buy. An antique light fixture for $3. I couldn't believe my luck, and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it. Antique light fixtures have wires that are covered in fabric, so I had to buy a lamp kit and replace the bulb housing, but that was it for this project. Some soap and water and the thing was as good as!
Here it is.
 I love milk glass, and this lamp has the same effect.
This is the kind of project I like. Easy and cheap.

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