Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Won! craftsman 5 drawer tool center

Posted by: Paulette
While at Ace Hardware a week ago getting paint mixed, I noticed that they were having a Dad's Day drawing for a new craftsman 5 drawer tool chest. I know I'm not a dad, but my husband doesn't use the tools, I do, and there was no stipulation that you had to be male to enter the drawing, so, I filled out the paper work, and thought, "I wonder how much spam this is going to send to my e-mail." And promptly forgot about entering the contest. Until I got a phone message on Saturday from the guy at Ace telling me that I'd won the drawing. He laughed a little when he said "dad's Day drawing." It is kinda funny a woman won.
Nice, huh? I will be organizing all of my tools into ONE place this weekend. No more going to 5 different places in the house to find my tools. And the best part is that it locks up tight, so I won't be wondering where my hammer is when it's actually out in the back yard rusting. Now, if only I could lock up my nice kitchen knives too, then the boys couldn't get a hold of them!
What you see in the picture is the cabinet with the tool box sitting on top. The lower half is actually hollow, and the tool box fits inside. But I will probably be leaving the tool box stacked on top and stowing my cordless drill and jigsaw inside the cabinet part.
I've never won anything before, so I'm pretty excited. In case you're wondering like I was, this baby retails for about $200. NICE!

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