Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Doll Ghost girl

Posted by: Paulette

I don't yet have a name for this doll. I am open to suggestions. Every once in a while I get into a Tim Burtonesque mood and want to create something cute and dark. fortunately for me, I have a bit of a fan club for this sort of thing and when this particular muse strikes, I know just where to go. is a great place to find artists whose work you admire and to have swaps of yours and their work. Besides being a great forum for sharing your work, it's also a great place to organize such swaps and keep people honest. Since I've swapped often enough with certain people, we just do our own personal swaps and leave Craftster out of it. I love that I've met some talented zaney people there and we've become friends through Facebook as well as Craftster.
 I know we're nowhere near Halloween yet, but, I love that time of year, and this time I've gotten a jump on the crafting for it. Who cares that it's 115 degrees outside. I was inspired by some Glamorous ghost dolls on Craftster with their big emotive eyes, and decided that I wanted to make my own version. This doll is going to my friend Alexz in Oregon, and she will be sending me a package of Halloween decor custom designed her way. She has the nickname of Spooky Pooky and it fits her to a "T."

This doll was made of materials that I had on hand. Scraps of material, Prismacolor colored pencils, acrylic craft paints and even a pillowcase. The pattern is mine, and I tried some new things this time around. Her body construction is 5 pieces, and her knees are jointed. I would loved to have had her fingers articulated, but the doll is so small turning the fingers was impossible. Her head is 4 pieces, and her nose is sewed on separately.

Her dress is my own design. The front of the bodice is gathered. The skirt and sleeves are eyelet lace, and oover the whole thing is a whisper of fabric to give the illusion that she is disappearing.  She sits with her knees pulled to her chest and her hands wrapped around them. I imagine that she is thinking, "I'm not too happy about being here." And is making herself as small as possible the way children do when they want to disappear.
I may or may not be offering this pattern in my Etsy shop. I haven't decided yet, and I would still have to write up the instructions for assembly. Her hair is polyester batting hand sewed on, and hand painted with periwinkle streaks. I have no doubt that Spooky Pooky will love her!


  1. She is incredible!!! I know this probably sounds corny, but I got goosebumps when I saw her! I am in love, and I CANNOT WAIT to receive her. This is AMAZING! Thank you so, so much Paulette!

  2. I already commented on craftster, but she is amazing! You're really talented.

  3. I love her - I could tell she was yours, she just feels like it. Wonderful! Aloha, Su (Puamelia, another Craftster-ite)