Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I can make that ! A crocheted rug

Posted by: Paulette
While trolling Pinterest one day I came across a beautiful crocheted rug. At the time I thought it was an afghan. I'm glad it wasn't because I thought to myself, I can make that. I stuck with it to complete the rug, but I don't think I would have finished an afghan. Why? you ask. Because I have this strange personality quirk that likes to reinvent the wheel. The first thing I should have done was to look up an afghan pattern on the internet and followed that. One of my other pins was a crocheted flower. And I got it into my mind that I needed to make my own version. I even experimented to learn how to make this flower. So a project that should have taken me a week to do, took well over a month. I probably should lean from t his lesson, but I won't. After learning how to make the flower, I had to figure out how to connect all of these flowers. Some more experimenting. When I finally had it all put together, I needed a backing. the original used canvas. I decided to use non-skid shelf liner. Attaching the little rug to it would have been a lot easier if I had a walking foot for my sewing machine. But I'm cheap, so I won't be getting one any time soon. By now, I'm just glad it's done.
So a tutorial is not forthcoming on this project. I'll just tell you how not to do it. Here's the original inspiration, in case you're curious.

Urban Outfitters

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