Friday, August 3, 2012

A View of San Francisco From the Car

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Last week I got to go to California for the first time. My sister, Rachel lives about forty-five minutes from San Francisco. On Sunday, her husband offered to take my mom and I on a sight seeing trip. I've always heard about Pier 39 and wanted to go, but was told that there was virtually no parking available in the city, and there would be a lot of walking to do. I was up for the challenge, but my tour guide was not. And when we got into the city, I realized why. 
Check out this NO PARKING sign.
By the time you decipher this sign, you already have a ticket. Thank goodness it doesn't say "no loitering," because I would have been in trouble for sure!

I didn't take any pictures of Lombard street, because I was too busy praying and having an anxiety attack! 
Here's a video taken on that street to show you why:

I did get a lot of shots of some beautiful architecture while there. 
 This pic shows the bumper to bumper traffic. This was on a Sunday! We didn't know it at this point in our adventure, but the traffic was going to get worse. There was a Giants game that day. And it let out just as we were beginning our tour. By the time we were headed home, it took us 30 minutes to go 1/4 of a mile.


It became obvious that this was the way to go. This is a bus that runs on an overhead cable.

One of these would have been fun too.

I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful murals that adorned the sides of the buildings, but there was so much beauty. All of these photos were taken from inside the car.

 Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was painted a kind of orange. And I was surprised that it was so short!

This photo was taken through the moon roof of the car.
I will go again. And next time I'm packing my walking shoes and a jacket. The temps we left in Phoenix were 114 degrees that day. In San Francisco, they were in the 60' the end of July.

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