Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Father's Love

Posted by, Paulette

As a parent of five children, I struggle with loving them all the same. I have children who love to give me hugs. I have children who love to help with the chores. I have children who are great at giving compliments. And then I have children who love to scream at me, and refuse to do anything I ask and argue with me. It's these moments that make me wonder at the perfect love that our Father in Heaven has for us.


He wants us to learn and grow and return to live with Him in heaven, yet He knows that we are imperfect. That on our own, this would have been an impossible  task. Because the law of justice requires that we pay the debt in full. And we are not capable of that. 

He had a plan. And that plan required a Savior. Our big brother Jesus stepped forward to fulfill that role. I can't imagine the pain and anguish He had to bear in the Garden of Gethsemane, and then later as he was reviled, whipped and spat upon, and ultimately nailed to the cross.

"Gethsemane" by Liz Lemon-Swindle

 But we frequently forget that His Father was also there. And turned away while His Son suffered all of this, so that we could live again. 
And Jesus persevered. He finished his task. And because of this, we can be with our Father again, through the miracle of repentance and the atonement. I am thankful for this, when I love imperfectly. 
That child that argues and screams needs me to remember our Father's perfect love. He needs me to hug and praise him more, and to love him better, because he is the one that's the hardest to love. 

"Jesus and the Children" by Liz Lemon-Swindle


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