Sunday, August 5, 2012

Take Some Time for the Important Things

Posted by, Paulette
"Friends" by Liz Lemon Swindle
 In the busy day to day I often put off my children's concerns and conversations with a , "I'll talk to you later." And often I don't get back around to that conversation. The moment is gone, never to be reclaimed. I am touched by portrayals of our Savior conversing and playing with children. At one time, his disciples were going to turn the children away because they perceived that Jesus was exhausted after the day's efforts, and he said, "suffer the children to come unto me." Mark 10:14
"Surely I am with you" by Greg Olson
 My mother recently visited from Florida, and I noticed that when the children asked her a question, or engaged her in conversation. She listened. Not with half of her attention, but looking into their eyes. And sometimes even encircling them in her arms as they spoke. 
detail of "The Angels Ministered" by Walter Rane
 As I go through out my week, I will remember these images, and try harder to be like Jesus.

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