Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Knowledge Can Be Dangerous

Posted by: Paulette
I usually consider myself to be a fearless person for all things crafty. And so when I saw benches made from head and foot boards, I thought, " I can do that."
A trip to Goodwill found a pretty headboard and footboard set for $14.99. I loved the spindles, and envisioned something like this.
Painted a pretty light aqua, and sitting at the dining room table for the boys to sit on, it would be the perfect addition to our home.
As I began planning, I pulled out the bed and found that it sat very close to the ground and I was going to have to add some length to the legs.
I cut the bun feet off and cut a large dowel to 10.5 inches. Putting the seat of the bench together was relatively easy. I cut the foot board to create the sides of the bench, drilled holes and inserted furniture pegs, to attach it to the headboard. Then I built a frame for the seat, and cut my boards to fit the seat. A few screws attached the frame to the back of the bench ( the headboard), and a couple more screws fastened the frame to the sides of the bench (the foot board pieces).
Things got complicated when I started to attach the legs. Fastening the bun feet to the legs was easy. I just used the furniture pegs and some wood glue. Making the bench stable with the new legs is going to be the hard part. I think that I may have to build a new frame to stabilize the legs. First I am going to try the furniture pegs in the center of the legs. Then I will drive a screw diagonally into the leg and bottom of the bench. And hope that it will be stable enough. If not, then I am off to the hardware store to buy more wood.
 And hopefully by the middle of next week, I'll have a beautiful new piece of furniture for the kitchen table.
Plan B is to call my Uncle Dan and have him help me fix it. *SIGH*
Until then, I have to wait until my drill battery charges...again!
Here's some great inspiration pics.

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