Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Table

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I am finding that I love to do things crafty, but taking the pictures and posting them on my blog has become a challenge. I probably wouldn't have taken pictures on Thanksgiving because I was so crazy busy, except, while talking on the phone to my Mom about how I decorated the table, she reminded me to take pictures and put them on my blog. Thanks Mom!
 Sadly my camera batteries were dead, so these are from my phone.

 As I was preparing the turkey for going into the oven, and watching PBS Thanksgiving shows. I was reminded that I'd not given thought to a centerpiece for the table. Since all of my dishes are white and so is the tablecloth, it really needed one. The show that I was watching was Katie Brown Workshop. She does all kinds of fun and easy things with not so cheap ingredients and supplies. Her centerpiece was made of a foam wreath form and some feather boas, with a candle in the center. Beautiful! But EXPENSIVE! I was looking to do something cheap! No, I was looking to do something free. Since we are fortunate enough to have a ton of trees in our dinky yard, I decided to go there.

So outside in my pink fluffy bathrobe and a pair of clippers I went. I cut some pine and some citrus branches. I bought the pumpkin on clearance after Halloween. We love roasted pumpkin and pumpkin soup and pumpkin Thai curry. Oops! I guess I got a little off track. The pumpkin was placed on a soup tureen turned upside down, with sprigs of pine and citrus poked underneath, between the pumpkin and tureen. Then more branches were laid on either side. Hubby went hunting under the pomegranate bush for some of them, and I happened to have some pine cones left over from another project that were thrown in there.
Not pictures is the pillar candles on brown candlesticks that I added later. Dinner was at 1pm, so the candles were more for ambiance than light.

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