Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crazy quilt style bird ornaments

Posted by: Paulette

I have been collecting lace scraps as long as I can remember. Any piece larger than 2 inches was worth keeping. That makes for a pretty big bag of scraps. I made a skirt with some of it, crazy quilt style. It's pretty heavy and almost like wearing a quilt.
My love of birds just keeps growing. I want them all over the Christmas tree. Every year I make a new set of ornaments. I usually give out some as gift and keep some. This year I thought I'd combine my lace and bird love together.

These bird ornaments are made from a very simple pattern. First I cut rectangles of cotton canvas leftover from making slipcovers. On those rectangles, I sewed the lace all over, then folded the rectangles in half, and traced the bird pattern on what was going to be the inside of the bird, or the wrong side of the fabric. Then sew around the design, leaving a 1" opening. Cut around seam leaving 1/4" seam allowance. Turn and stuff tightly. Sew the opening closed using the ladder stitch, and sew on a fan of lace for the tail, and some almond shaped scraps for wings. A ribbon sewn  to the top becomes a hanger. Two beads or small buttons are then sewn on for eyes.
I still have quite a bit of lace scraps left for the next project.
Maybe I'll make more of these for presents. They could also be stuffed with lavender or cloves for sachets.

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  1. Very original! Great idea for scraps for sure!

    (I'm a quilter, what can I say?!)

    Visiting from FJI's linky party (SNS)
    Smiles from Chilly NW Illinois