Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legend of Zelda Mural

Posted by: Paulette

Six months ago my babysitter, a 16 year old young man, asked me if we could work out a trade. He would give me a full month of babysitting my 5 kids in trade for me painting a mural on his sister's bedroom wall. She is on a mission for our church in Chile, and is expected to return in January.
 I thought that this would be a fair trade, and I love painting, so, I agreed. Little did I know, that the mural he wanted me to paint was on the entire wall. All 8.5' x 14' of it. I got to work right away making some drawings on freezer paper. The characters would be three feet high.

 I had planned to also do a large tree, and when I got there to begin transferring the images to the wall, he told me that he'd had a conversation with her and she said she preferred the temple.
 I hate drawing and painting architecture. I've done it before, on a smaller scale. And I hate using rullers and levels and such when I paint!
  He provided a 3 foot level and that did help, but at the end, I was just winging it. I worked four hours at a time, for six months off and on, on Saturdays, and finally finished this today. It took a  TON of paint.
Next time someone asks me to paint them a mural, I'm going to have to ask how big, before going into negotiations. Lesson learned.
I am sooo glad it's finished in time for his sister to walk into her room for the first time in 18 months. I hope she likes it. He says she will.
I apologize for fuzzy pictures. It was rainy today.

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