Monday, December 12, 2011

The Winter of Our Discontent

Posted by: Paulette
I've always been a DIYer and a thrifty kind of wife and mom. This is why when I discovered all of the beautiful blogs out there and then Pinterest, I was so inspired by all of the gorgeous decor! One of my favorite blogs is Dear Lillie. Jennifer has some really yummy stuff in her house. I love her style.


This spring, I started painting and slip covering the furniture. The paint is easy to wipe clean, and the slipcovers are easy to take off and toss in the wash. I have more than one set of slipcovers, so that I don't have to worry about those "accidents" with the yogurt or scissors while the nice slipcovers are being laundered. And in a pinch, I've even thrown a sheet over the loveseat, when I had nothing else available.

 Another favorite site is Funky Junk Interiors. Donna takes every day stuff and gives it a new identity. I've copied some of her re-purposing techniques with great success.
While looking through these and other inspiring blogs, I get an itch to create. And what I've learned is that if you wait long enough, the things you want will come to you at a price that you can afford.
Miss Mustard Seed or Marian, taught me how to make a fitted slipcover from canvas painter's drop cloths. I already knew how to make a slipcover, but getting fabric for so cheaply was news to me. The largest drop cloth was only $30, and was enough fabric to cover two chairs.
Today I wanted to make some new matching Christmas stockings. I already have the fabric. I am running into some trouble with my eldest daughter, who wants to keep the old ones. What to do?
So now that I've shared my inspiration blogs, will you still come and visit me here? I hope so!
               Happy Christmas!

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