Friday, December 16, 2011

Life's Curve Balls & Kids Are Funny

Posted by: Paulette
A few things happened this week that got me thinking about how we can make plans, an be inspired to do good things, but life seems to always have a different plan for us. I have a TON of things to get done this week. We have house guests getting here on my wedding anniversary, the 22nd. Dave and I plan to take some time for our selves of course, with the understanding from our guests that the adults are invited to come along of they wish.
Certain projects have had to be postponed. I think I'm okay with that.
After our date last night, our babysitter told us that there was some good news, and some bad news. The bad news was that the leg of the loveseat broke off. I took a look at it and fixed it in a matter of minutes. Or so I thought. It came off again today. So, since we had another loveseat in the garage waiting to be reupholstered, I decided to start on that today. Now my back is killing me!
Hopefully I can gather the strength, and willpower to finish it tomorrow. We may end up using it as bedding for one of the children next week! I'm hoping it will look like this when it's finished.

 But with different feet.

Okay, are you ready for something funny? Thursday, I discovered that I had more money in my bank account than I thought. After some investigation, I learned that my doctor's office had double charged me, and this was a refund. So the long awaited grocery shopping excursion happened. I guess we've been broke for so long, that the kids believed us when we said we had no money to buy food. Now, you must understand that we have staples and food storage, so they weren't going hungry. In fact, I was making them pancakes every morning and muffins for snacks in the afternoon. But to them it's a crisis if we run out of milk and cereal. When they got home from school, they were shocked to see the cupboards and fridge full, and fruit in the bowls all over the counters. They said, "what are you doing? We can't afford all of this stuff!"
David laughed, and told them that they were right and that mommy was going to have to return some of it. Such a tease! I love that man!
But I do agree that it's nice having some unexpected funds to play around with during the holidays. How else could I buy staples and tack strips to reupholster my loveseat at the last minute! I think I may need a chiropractor soon.  hopefully the money doesn't run out before then. Ouch!

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