Saturday, December 15, 2012

African Nativity

Posted by Paulette

 In September I started reading about the experiences of a friend who was spending some time in Madagascar, visiting her son, who has started a non-profit organization there to build houses that the natives can afford. He has also organized a community of artisans into a village store. 
 When I was told that they made nativities, I hopped on over to look at their site, The village store. I was pleased to find that their hand carved nativities were so inexpensive! This beautiful rosewood one piece was only $20. It stands about 6 1/2 inches tall. 
 I've been waiting for a few months to receive it, and when I opened the package, I felt as if I was holding something so precious. 
$20 is a lot of money to the Malagasies. 
Here is the letter from my friend, who spent 3 weeks there:  
"Glad you like it. If I could give to you what you have given to this family of the artisan, I would. It is far more than you could ever possibly imagine. After traveling and spending 3 weeks there, I am changed forever. I have fallen in love with the malagasies for their purest thoughts, desires, and peace even in the turmoil and poverty they live in. Struggles never stop in their lives. Thanks for the support! "

Little sites like this one are not so easy to find, unless you know someone who knows about it. So, I am passing on my good find, in the hopes that maybe some of my readers may want to buy something and help a community. 

Here are some of the other beautiful things they make and sell.
The Village Store

Nativity sets

The Village Store


Hanbags of natural fiber and leather

The Village Store

 Hand woven Banana Leaf Placemats

The Village Store


Hand Embroidered Skirts

The Village Store

Green Opal Necklace and Earrings

There's so much more! Go and see. You won't believe the prices. And all of these are handmade!

   I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this post.

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