Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Couch slipcover finished in time for Christmas

Posted by Paulette

When I first bought this couch about 8 years ago at DI, I was in love with it! The fabric was just my style. Recently, not so much. I'm taking a break from the huge cabbage roses and hydrangeas. I'm going for a more neutral palate these days. 
Oh, and then there was the fact that the upholstery is getting thin. I've already recovered the pillows twice and the kids are now starting to pick at it and revealing the stuffing and wood frame underneath. I still like the shape of the couch, just not the shape it in. Slipcovers made from canvas drop cloths are just what the doctor ordered. Durable enough for 5 kids and cheap to make. This one was about $40 worth of drop cloths. And I can take it off and wash it.
"Practically perfect in every way," if I may quote Mary Poppins! 

Now, I can focus on cleaning that dirty floor and decorating more for Christmas. I know. I need to make Christmas presents too. One thing at a time..."sigh!" 

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