Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Angel and an Elf

Posted by Paulette

Two more dolls:

 I've had some requests for for a Weeping Angel doll from the Dr Who series. I found the perfect fabric, and drafted a new pattern. This is a stump doll, which means that she has no legs. Her body is a cone on the bottom and to that I sewed her torso. Then the dress had to be slipped over her neck, and then her head and arms attached. Her dress is tacked in some places. 
Working with one fabric for the whole thing was a bit boring, until I started adding the hair, which is made from tubes of fabric with pipe cleaners inserted. The wings have been quilted.

 This is Peppermint. He's a Christmas elf. I've been wanting to make a black doll for a while. Shading the face is so different than on a lighter skinned doll. I used a white pencil first and then shaded over the top of it. I've discovered that if I spray the fabric with hairspray, it gives it a tooth that the pencil will stick to.

 His hair is made from a crocheted cap with acrylic yarn, and the combed out.
 I had two names for him Peppermint and Paisley. Peppermint won in the poll that I placed on Facebook. 
 I think I've had my doll fix for now. Unless I get a special order, I'll be putting away the sewing machine for a little while. And get back to yard work. It's time to build a compost bin!

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