Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Work In Progress Joseph Had A Little Overcoat Doll

Posted by Paulette

Sometimes when I have a new client, they like to see the process of their doll being made. This doll when finished, will be Joseph from the book Joseph Had A Little Overcoat. It's a story about thrift. 

So, I begin with a pattern. This one is of my own making. I trace the pattern onto the fabric, and start sewing and cutting and stuffing, and soon we have a new canvas with which to create a new character.

 Joseph's face has been needle sculpted which gives him more character than a flat painted on face. 
He's able to stand on his own, although he'll be more stable with a stand.

This character has a bit of a tummy. His fingers and thumb are wired for poseablility.
He is 15 1/2 inches standing.
Next comes paint, hair and some clothes. The easiest part of making the doll is finished. I make all new patterns for the dolls and clothes that I make for each doll.

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