Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the Gym

Posted by, Paulette

I found this yesterday, and it perfectly describes how I feel.
 I'm beginning to think that I'm losing that battle. It's time to bring some ammunition. I felt so good when I was going to the gym every day and eating right. My energy levels were up and I didn't have so many body aches. Unfortunately I eat to deal with stress. Having Five kids home all of the time is stressful and there's been a few times that I've wanted to slap one of them in particular. These are not my finest moments. And to avoid doing that I grab something sweet, salty and crunchy and hide in my room in front of the computer until I cool down. 
 My youngest sister has been an inspiration to me. She has started going to the gym regularly and losing weight. I was hoping to find a work out buddy to help get me back on track, and I  think I have found one. We'll see. 

Hopefully soon I'll be looking like this again soon.
 That's Marcelline, my former personal trainer. I really wish I had the money to hire her again. She really motivated me (kicked my butt)!

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