Friday, June 15, 2012

My Florida Vacation

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We are about three weeks into the summer vacation. The Burton family has been very busy. I had a wonderful relaxing two week vacation to Florida all by my self just before the kids got out of school and recharged my batteries for the next two months. My youngest sister treated all of the women to a spa day. I've never experienced total relaxation like I did on that day. After my massage and sugar scrub I felt like a rag doll. It was blissful! I will have to repeat the experience some day.

I got to go to Universal Studios and Disney World. I have never been so spoiled in my life! I had to buy another suitcase to bring home all of the wonderful gifts that were lavished on me and my family.

The matching outfits weren't planned. It's amazing how the twelve years between our ages makes no difference when we're together.

The whole family went to Universal Studios together and broke off into smaller groups to explore. I went with my brother, Zach, and his girlfriend, Kyoko. 

This little cutie pie is my nephew Jed. We were on a family shopping trip in Vero Beach, when we were caught up in a rainstorm. If you've never lived in Florida, you may not know about their epic cloud bursts. In Arizona when it rains, you can see through it. In Florida, you can't. It just pours! This picture was taken when the rain became a drizzle, and Baby Jed is standing under the eaves of the roof waiting for the droplets to fall.

 An errand to buy a replace toilet seat tuned into a trip to the thrift store, where I found this Mater truck in like new condition. So we had to have it!

 I also bought this HUGE suitcase while there, and Jed loved using it as a makeshift stroller.

 You can't go on vacation and not go swimming! The boys, (Jed and Gavin) loved their personal floatation devises so much that I had to get a couple for my girls when I got home.

My Big Little brother Zach and his girlfriend Kyoko paid for me to go to Disneyworld with them. Some of the rides were closed down, and so we only got to do a couple, but Kyoko had a blast in the gift shop. Here in the States, the popular characters of Disney are the new ones; the Princesses, and characters from  Toys and Cars, but in Japan, it's all about Mickey!
 That pink hat was my best buy. I didn't get sunburn on my nose for once! It's now a must have for going to the pool.

I'm a little sad that I didn't get pictures of my Mom and Dad. I guess I'll have to go back and remedy that. I'm not used to having a camera, and even when it's in my bag, I forget to use it. I'm working on it!

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  1. What a fun vacation! I'm not sure how I managed to NOT see you while you were here. So glad you had fun! :)