Sunday, October 28, 2012

Do Your Kids Change Their Minds?

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We go through the same thing every year. There are three main events, four if you count the kids dressing up for the school parade. We go to Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat, and then Trick or Treat on Halloween. A few weeks before Halloween, I start assembling and making elements of the kids costumes. I used to make a lot of them by hand. This actually required starting the month before, to get everything done.

This year, Hyrum, my eldest decided not to participate. Which actually saddens me, because that means he's growing up. He will be 13 next week. I guess that means he's "too cool" for this kind of stuff. He's always been the best at this sort of thing though, because he really gets into character. 

Jonathan, my 11 year old decided to be Harry Potter. This was an easy one to do. A couple of thrift stores, and the dollar store and we were set.
   He wore this for school and the Trunk or Treat, and the later at a party took off the robe and glasses and announced that it was now an Artemis Fowl costume. At least I didn't have to go out and get more props or clothes.

 Chris decided to be a mad scientist. I found his doctor's jacket at a home decorating store, and the rest of the props at the dollar store. He originally had yellow rummer gloves and safety goggles.
We were lucky to find one of his patients at the Trunk or Treat.

 Katie wanted to be Snow White for school, and she wore it for the Fall festival too. But when it came time to dressing up for the Trunk or Treat, she wanted to be a vampire. Fortunately we already had a black velvet dress and a piece of lace. A change of make up and we were done.

 She won the costume contest in the best character category. I couldn't get a sweet picture of her. She is quite the character!
 I think she loved playing this part. It took no coaxing from her to get this picture.

Sophia wanted to be Cinderella for the Fall Festival. I didn't get a picture of her. And then she changed to Rapunzel for the Trunk or Treat.
 Her wig was a frustration and worked better as a Rapunzel wig than for Cinderella. The plan was to do an up do on it, but every time I did that, the cap underneath got pulled into funky ways and then wouldn't stay on her head.
 The dress was a birthday gift.
 So there you have it. Costumes for Halloween 2012. They will probably change their minds for Wednesday (Halloween), and I'll end up having to scramble to do something new. It's all part of the Halloween madness!

Do your kids do this; change their minds about what costume to wear? How do you deal with it? Tell them no, or roll with it?

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