Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween More Costumes

Posted by Paulette,

As I thought, the kids wanted to change their costumes again. Here's what we did tonight.

 Jonny didn't want to dress up at all. He originally said he was going as "an average kid." I told him he was not going to con our neighbors out of their candy, and not dress up. So on the fly, I came up with this as a compromise. The wounds were made from toilet paper, corn syrup and baby powder, with makeup applied over the top.

 Chris wore the same costume as before, but I added some makeup to his.

 Katie is going as a ghost tonight. Her costume consists of a size 24 skirt that I bought at Goodwill. It was too large for me and I planned to cut it down, but haven't I cut arm holes in the lining so that when she raises her arms, the costume still covers her. Her head is wrapped in cheese cloth, and she has an old swing set chain as a necklace. Her face is painted white, and then I used purple and navy eye shaddows to black out her eyes and contour her face. She also has black liquid liner on her eyes.

 Sophi is a witch tonight. She wears some of her own black clothes, a thrifted hat and a plastic snake around her neck. Her make up job was done by putting on moisturizer and then using a large makeup brush to put green eye shadow all over her face. Her eyes are made up with a darker shade of green. Also used under her cheeks. Then pink blush, blood red lipstick, and liquid liner on her eyes.

I've found that the costumes themselves don't really have to be much. It's the makeup that makes it awesome.

And me. I am staying at home while Daddy takes them out. I have a cold and am enjoying the peace and quiet with my eldest son, Hyrum, who is handing out the candy.  He's decided he's too old for this Halloween stuff. Which saddens me, because it's so much fun. I'm hoping he'll change his mind next year.
 Some homemade chicken soup and some hot herbal tea sound good right about now. 
                               Happy Hallows Eve to all!

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