Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Everything!

Posted by Paulette

When David and I were first married, he brought home the biggest, ugliest pumpkin I'd ever seen. It didn't even sit straight. And I wondered what the heck I was supposed to do with it!
He told me to cook it.
Well, in my family, the only pumpkin I was acquainted with came in a can with a recipe for pumpkin pie on the label.

The only thing we did with raw pumpkins was carve them and place a candle inside for Halloween.

Well I soon learned some great recipes, and made up some others. 
Pumpkin pancakes
Pumpkin muffins with cream cheese filling
Pumpkin spice shake
Pumpkin soup
Roasted pumpkin seeds

And last Christmas, I made a pumpkin spice sugar scrub as Christmas presents.

I currently only have one pumpkin. That went into the oven today to be roasted in preparation for wonderful recipes.

I can't wait!

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