Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Making of Hagrid a Cloth Doll

Posted by: Paulette

I thought I'd share some in progress photos of Hagrid.
Head needle sculpted, shaded with colored pencils and painted
Head sewn to body and hair added
Partially clothed
I still have quite a bit to do before he's finished.


  1. I know that this comment is 2 year old and may not be seen, but I wish you had images of how you attached the hair. I'm making a doll right now and it hair style you have here is what I need. Lovely work!

  2. When I do hair for a doll, I sew the yarn between two strips of paper, on on the bottom and top, then I hand sew it to the doll's head in a spiral starting at the forehead, going down around the back of the ears and across the back of the head, above the neck, and then back up to the ear, and forehead. If there's sideburns, i add those separately. Each line of hair is about 1/8" to 1/2" apart, depending on how large the doll is. If there is to be a center part in the hair, I sew a line of down the center. I hope I've answered your question.