Monday, August 15, 2011

The Water Closet Doesn't Have to be Ugly

Posted by: Paulette
This is the finalization of the decorating and painting the master bathroom. We have a separate water closet, as it's called in Great Britain. It's the place where you sit to meditate, read, get away from the kids, and oh, yes, ahem...take care of business.
Just because this is a tiny room doesn't mean that it needs to be over looked. So, to continue the master bath makeover, I give you the water closet.
I will spare you and not actually have pictures of the toilet. I assume you know what it looks like.
 This is the best picture I could get of this window. The window treatment is the finials from a curtain rod screwed directly into a wall with a crocheted cord hanging from them. Then the "curtains" are place mats that I'd purchased years ago because I liked the embroidery motif on them. I'd played with the idea of sewing them together into a pillow cover and scrapped the idea. They are hung using clothes pins.  The shelf above was one found at Goodwill for a few dollars. And the stuff on top are things that I had around the house. I love to shop my house for accessories. Putting something in a new place makes it seem new.

This is what you are looking at while seated. Just underneath this is a small table with a drawer in it, just the right size for magazines. In an old chippy metal drawer, extra TP rolls are stored on the shelf of the table. Everything you need within reach!

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