Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinterest inspires me to get things done!

Posted by: Paulette
I think there's some kind of Pinterest challenge going on somewhere on the web. I guess you're supposed to show off your projects that were inspired by Pinterest. Can you believe some people just pin things and then don't do anything with the pictures?

Where do I start?

I've been tearing out inspiration pictures from magazines and catalogs for years. Pinterest was the perfect place to start filing all of my idea pages. Here's some of the projects I've done recently that were inspired by Pinterest.
Pinterest picture
Guest bathroom mural
Pinterest picture
Back door arch
Pinterest Picture
Antique Birdcage with lights 
There's so much more than this, but I think I've made my point. Maybe I'll post more later, if you're willing to put up with my poor photography skills.

Some things take a whole day to complete, and some just a few hours. The birdcage idea was accomplished in minutes. There's so many inspiring bloggers out there and I love to get ideas from them.

If I spent all of my time looking at blogs and pinterest, I wouldn't get anything done. Perusing other peoples stuff can eat up a lot of your time. Use what you see constructively, and it can be rewarding and cheap to decorate your home, or craft for others.

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