Monday, August 1, 2011

Are You Ready For School to Start?

Posted by: Paulette

Recently I was shopping with all five kids when, one of the kid's teachers asked me if I was ready for school to start. I told her no, that we were having a lot of fun. And we are.
We've been going swimming, and having play dates with other kids. We made a trip to Utah to visit relatives for a week,
Grandpa and Grandma Burton
 and then came home and had Grandma Diva (my Mom) visit for a week,

and then had some long time friends from New Mexico visit for a week. We've gone to Goldfield (a local ghost town)
Goldfield 2007

and the library, and the park. We've gone to the movies and seen the latest Harry Potter film. It's been one really fun BUSY summer. But now that the kids have only nine days before the first day of school, I think it's time. I ready to have less mess makers in the house 24 hours a day. I'm ready for less fighting I'm ready for less "I wants."
I'm looking forward to taking only two children shopping with me, and more time for home projects, and less laundry. The quiet at nap time is calling to me.
The things I'm not looking forward to are getting the kids out of bed and dressed and ready to go before 8am. And coaxing children to do their homework before Daddy gets home and the yelling starts. I like having a relaxed schedule where I don't really have to have dinner ready before 7. And we can play outside in the sprinkler and the kids can wear their swimsuits all day if the want to.
There is opposition in all things.
And really, I'm okay with that. We'll just be trading one kind of chaos for another, and one kind of orderliness for another. It's all good. It's LIFE!

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  1. I love spending time with my kids and love having them home. I'm never ready for school and secretly wish that summer was longer. This year I feel differently. My older two kids have been so busy that I don't think I've seen them much this summer. I'm ready for school to start, so my kids will be home more often.