Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Entertainment Center Kitchen

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I didn't manage to finish the play kitchen for Christmas, but that just meant that I had a great birthday present lined up for Katie. Her birthday is next week, but this is already sitting in her room.
 I chose to paint it a pretty light aqua. Partly because I am in love with turquoise and aqua right now, and partly because I already had the paint. It's intended for the bench (whenever I get that finished).

 Close up of the stove. The burners are pickle jar lids painted black. The stove and oven are painted after taping off the remaining kitchen with a spray on silver paint. The knobs are porcelain drawer pulls that I painted silver. The door on the oven was hinged at the bottom. Using my jigsaw, I cut out the hole for the oven window and used a piece of plexiglass for the window. It's glued to the back of the door with clear latex caulk. The oven handle is a piece of wood I picked up at Ace, and cut to size.
 The window is a taped off piece of watercolor paper that has a simple outdoor scene painted on it. I gave it a quick spray of adhesive and slapped it up on the back wall. The curtains are a scrap of fabric with a simple casing sewn into the top, and then threaded onto a dowel. The dowel sits on two stick up hooks I picked up at Wal-mart.

 The sink. I could have kicked myself for this one. We recently replaced all of our sink faucets. And I thought I'd use one of those for this project. After all of the frustration involved, I was so happy to just throw those suckers in the trash. Argh! This meant that I had to make a trip to our Restore to get a new (used) one. $10! Darn it! Do you know how far $10 goes at Goodwill...on a 1/2 price Saturday?! 
The sink basin, is a dog bowl. I cut a hole in the cabinet with my jigsaw and adhered it with a little liquid nails. Oh, boy! Have I got a story for you about Liquid Nails. Not this time though. You'll have to tune in next time! 

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