Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Got A New Camera!

Posted by: Paulette

I've been so unhappy with the pictures that my old camera was taking lately, and so decided to get a new one. I am no great photographer and am just starting to learn about lighting, and shutter speed, and such things. So a point and shoot is all that I can handle right now.

 Dave and I bought our old digital camera just as they were becoming popular. It would only handle a 2GB card it was so old. My new one:

 is sooo easy to use! I love it. It's tiny it's red (my favorite color) AND fits in my purse. I love that it takes beautiful clear pictures even in low light. And I think that I can use a manual mode when I start playing around with the aforementioned things. I don't know yet. It's still so new to me and I've not had much time to play with it. This one can handle an 8Gb memory card, (and higher) so, I have plenty of space to play around. Next on my list of things to learn, how to upload them to my computer! Ha!

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  1. Oh cool! This is the same point and shoot I plan to buy this month. I love Canon so much!