Friday, March 16, 2012

I Got BIt By An Ostrich!

Posted by, Paulette

We're still on spring break, and there's no way I'm staying home all day doing spring cleaning! I wonder, is that even possible with 5 kids at home messing things up? The best idea is to get OUT of the house.
Yesterday, my aunt and uncle treated us (because you know we're broke) to a day at Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Farm.  The kids had a blast. My favorite part was feeding the Lorikeets.

The kids had already fed the donkeys before I remembered my camera. Next we moved on to the sweet little deer.

 Then the goats. The following picture explains why the goats are in a pen high up in the air.

 These goats were more accessible.

Two headed goat? No.

Careful! Those birds bite! I was just trying to put feed in the trays, when one of them grabbed my finger and bit me. OUCH! It drew blood.

She doesn't LOOK dangerous. Does she? But these creatures are descended from the dinosaurs. 

This was my favorite part! The Lorikeets. Too bad the nectar cost more than I had in my purse, or we could have spent all day in their cage! 

 This is best picture I have of Jonny. He's usually hiding when the camera comes out. And I've had the worst luck getting his face. He's such a cutie!

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